6 Cylinder Engine

Each Aston Engineering engine is hand built and bespoke to your needs.


·     Option 1 - Overhaul original carburettors, for those who prefer originality

·     Option 2 – 3.8L upgrade from 2 SU carburettors to 3 SU carburettors 

Option 3 - If the car already has 3 SU carburettors then the next step up is to convert to 3 Weber carburettors, with addition of brake vacuum reservoir and uprated camshafts (Vantage Spec)


Standard DB4 capacity - 3.7L 
Standard DB5, DB6 & DBS6 capacity - 4.0L

  • Stage 1 - 4L capacity, consisting of re-designed Aston Engineering high compression pistons and 4L liners.
  • Stage 2 – 4.2L capacity, consisting of new pistons and new cylinder liners or re-bore the original cylinder liners
  • Stage 3 – 4.7L capacity, consisting of new forged con rods, new crankshaft, new pistons and new cylinder liners.

Cylinder Head

All stages include a lead free conversion and gas flowing of the cylinder head using our in-house head shop and flow bench.
  • Stage 1 - Standard valves, SVC inlet camshaft. This conversion also requires weber carburettors
  • Stage 2 – Larger inlet valves, long duration camshaft uprated valve springs
  • Stage 3 –Aston Engineering performance cams, Larger inlet valves and uprated valve springs


The standard exhaust had a cast manifold
  • Stage 1 – Stainless manifold with standard size exhaust
  • Stage 2 – Aston Engineering full performance larger diameter exhaust system
We also recommend ceramic coating, exhaust wrapping and heat proofing


  • Option 1 - Discreet pointless ignition system
  • Option 2 - Mapped MBE distributor ignition system
  • Option 3 – Full distributor-less ignition system with separate coil packs


  • Upgraded water pump impeller
  • Silicone hoses
  • Evans waterless coolant
  • Kenlowe electric fan kit
  • High density copper radiator
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