V8 Engine

Each Aston Engineering engine is hand built and bespoke to your needs.


  • Option 1 – Constant Energy ignition system
  • Option 2 – Mapped MBE with distributor ignition system
  • Option 3 - Mapped MBE ignition system with Distributor-less coil packs


  • Standard V8 capacity is 5.4L
  • Stage 1 –5.6L conversion, consisting of new pistons and new cylinder liners or re-bore original cylinder liners
  • Stage 2 – 6.1L conversion, consisting of new forged con rods, new crankshaft, new piston and new cylinder liners


Standard Injection Engines
  • Stage 1 - Convert to standard carburettor car exhaust system
  • Stage 2 - Larger diameter stainless steel exhaust system

Standard Carburettor Engines
  • Stage 1 - Larger diameter stainless steel exhaust system
We also recommend ceramic coating, exhaust wrapping and heat proofing

Cylinder Head

  • All stages include a lead free conversion and gas flowing of the cylinder head using our in-house head shop and flow bench.

  • There are various camshaft options depending on your requirements

Contact us if you require more information


  • Upgraded water pump impeller
  • Silicone hoses
  • Evans waterless coolant
  • Kenlowe electric fan kit
  • High density copper radiator


  • Carburettor engines can be upgraded to fuel injection with throttle bodies
  • Mechanical injection cars can be upgraded to electronic fuel injection
  • Weber Marelli EFI cars from 1986 onwards can have a direct MBE replacement system
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